Postcards from Maya's Trip--Part 2

What I call "The Sopranos" view of Manhattan.
The Washington Monument in DC.
Lady Liberty in NYC.
Multi-view of NYC.
The White House.

Postcards from Maya's Trip--Part 1

Main building for the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.
The Statue of Liberty in New York City.  Maya brought home several different postcards of Lady Liberty.
Broadway in NYC.
Lady Liberty again.
National Air and Space Museum, part of the Smithsonian Institute.

Incoming Mail--Michele in New Mexico

Recent cards with letters from my sister.

Recent Reads

Captivated by Charlotte Stein (2017).  Collection of 14 short stories from one of my favorite romance writers.  As always with Stein, each story provides a very different vignette.  My favorite from this collection is "Married Life," where things are more than refreshed and different when a woman's husband returns from a lengthy business trip.

The Ghosts of K2:  The Epic Saga of the First Ascent by Mick Conefrey (2015).  Besides chronicling the successful first climb of K2 by the Italian team in 1954 and its aftermath, the book also includes detailed accounts of earlier attempts.  Interestingly, Conefrey takes a side in the post-climb controversy between Achille Compagnoni and Walter Bonatti.

Cringeworthy:  A Theory of Awkwardness by Melissa Dahl (2018).  Dahl, editor of New York Magazine's Science of Us site, goes to great lengths to study awkwardness.  Would you read your middle-school diary out loud to strangers?  Laugh-out-loud funny at times, at least for me, some…

BRAVO Cucina Italiana

Maya's Warm Berry Cake from BRAVO Cucina Italiana.

Current Little Pleasures

Bare Minerals Loose Powder Foundation

Browsing houses at

Pastries from Le Quartier

Wallander TV series

Kendrick Lamar's Pulitzer Prize for DAMN.  [You're still the best rapper ever, Tupac.]